A look at the most awesome Electron open source apps, boilerplates, tools, components and libraries organized based on categories.



Made with Electron.

Open Source

  1. Beaker

Browser with peer-to-peer web protocols.

  1. Hyper


  1. WebTorrent

Streaming torrent client.

  1. Kap

Screen recorder with GIF support.

  1. Min

Minimal web browser.

  1. SpaceRadar

Interactive disk space and memory visualization.

  1. Atom

Code editor.

  1. Visual Studio Code

Cross-platform IDE.

  1. Wexond

Web browser with material UI and extensions API.

  1. Git-it

Teaches you Git and GitHub.

  1. Caprine

Unofficial Facebook Messenger app.

  1. Simplenote

Note keeper.

  1. nuTorrent

BitTorrent client.

  1. Abricotine

Markdown editor with inline preview.

  1. Medis

Redis database management.

  1. Kakapo

Ambient sound mixer for relaxation or productivity.

  1. SmartMirror

Voice controlled smart mirror.

  1. Koko

IRC client.

  1. KeeWeb

Unofficial KeePass app.

  1. Gitify

GitHub notifications in your menubar.

  1. Friends

P2P chat.

  1. Cumulus

SoundCloud player in your menubar.

  1. Kitematic

Docker container management.

  1. FatFileFinder

Find large files on your machine.

  1. ScreenCat

Screen sharing & remote collaboration.

  1. Mapbox Studio

Map designer.

  1. LevelUI

LevelDB management.

  1. Vmd

Preview Markdown files.

  1. Kyoku

Displays current iTunes song.

  1. GReader

Collect and read offline readme files of GitHub repos.

  1. Leanote

Cloud notepad.

  1. Snapper

Screen capturing & recording for Android devices.

  1. Imagemin

Minify images.

  1. We Build SG

Upcoming events & recently updated repos from webuild.sg.

  1. Piglet

Run Grunt tasks from your menubar.

  1. Yoda

Browse and download YouTube videos.

  1. Loop Drop

MIDI looper and synth for live electronic music performances.

  1. Toby

YouTube player.

  1. Kaku

Music player.

  1. Markn

Markdown viewer.

  1. Shiba

Live Markdown preview with linting.

  1. Yays

YouTube music player in your menubar.

  1. Monu

Process monitoring.

  1. DevDocs

Unofficial DevDocs.io app.

  1. google-music-electron

Unofficial Google music app.

  1. Pomodoro

Timer based on the Pomodoro Technique.

  1. Sia-UI

Decentralized file storage system based on cryptocurrency technology.

  1. MarkRight

GitHub flavored Markdown editor with live preview.

  1. Mongotron

MongoDB management tool.

  1. Colonizers

"Catan" inspired board game.

  1. Eintopf

Manage development projects with Docker.

  1. WhatsDesktop

Unofficial WhatsApp app.

  1. Sqlectron

SQL client.

  1. docker-indicator

Unofficial Docker menubar app.

  1. Light Table

Code editor with instant feedback.

  1. Tubehead

YouTube music player in your menubar.

  1. Google Play Music Desktop Player

Unofficial Google Play Music app.

  1. Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools packaged as an app.

  1. Yeobara

Meetup check-in with beacon.

  1. Proton

Markdown editor with live preview.

  1. James

HTTP proxy to view and intercept browser requests.

  1. DTCP

Twitter client.

  1. Inbox

Unofficial Google Inbox app.

  1. tweet-rec

Tweet recording player.

  1. Snippet Bar

Copy-paste & re-use text snippets in your menubar.

  1. Electronic WeChat

Unofficial WeChat app.

  1. dida

Add tasks to TickTick (滴答清单

  1. FromScratch

Autosaving scratchpad.

  1. Hawkpass

Password generator.

  1. Gokotta

Music player.

  1. Shake

Japanese Earthquake Early Warning Notifier.

  1. Fog

Unofficial Overcast podcast app.

  1. Wmail

Unofficial Gmail & Google Inbox app.

  1. Boostnote

Markdown note & code snippet app for developers.

  1. Before Dawn

Screensaver tool.

  1. Active Collab

Unofficial Active Collab app.

  1. Hain

Launcher for Windows.

  1. Catify

Utility for Spotify.

  1. Minira

JIRA issues in your menubar.

  1. Ansel

Image organizer.

  1. Build Checker App

Check CI-server build statuses.

  1. Tockler

Tracks your time.

  1. Mattermost

Mattermost client.

  1. PupaFM

DoubanFM music player.

  1. MediumDesk

Unofficial Medium app.

  1. Lightgallery

Image viewer.

  1. Crypter

Secure encryption client.

  1. YakYak

Unofficial Google Hangouts app.

  1. Museeks

Music player.

  1. VOX

Unofficial VOX music player.

  1. Sabaki

Go/Baduk/Weiqi board.

  1. Marky

Markdown editor.

  1. Deco

React Native IDE.

  1. Toshocat

Anime/Manga Progress Tracker.

  1. iStats

CPU and memory stats on your menubar.

  1. Wire

Messenger and calling app.

  1. Ramme

Unofficial Instagram app.

  1. Moonview

Ambient notepad.

  1. DBGlass

PostgreSQL client.

  1. Slide Beacon

Physical web beacon broadcast.

  1. Rambox

Chat and email app that combines multiple services like Discord, Hangouts, Gmail and Outlook.

  1. Extraterm


  1. Materialette

Material design color palette in your menubar.

  1. Dext


  1. PB for Desktop

Pushbullet client.

  1. GroupMe

Unofficial GroupMe app.

  1. ndm

npm desktop manager.

  1. GIFBar

Search GIFs in your menubar.

  1. Stacer

Ubuntu system optimizer.

  1. Zazu


  1. Inpad

Notes app with GitHub-flavored Markdown.

  1. Cerebro

Launcher with inline previews.

  1. Desktop Dimmer

Control the brightness of any display.

  1. LosslessCut

Lossless video trimming & cutting.

  1. Buka

E-book management.

  1. Insomnia

Create and manage HTTP requests.

  1. Tusk

Unofficial Evernote app.

  1. ProtonMail Desktop

Unofficial ProtonMail app.

  1. Comma Chameleon

CSV editor.

  1. Buttercup Desktop

Password manager.

  1. Mailspring

Extensible email client. (Fork of Nylas Mail

  1. Manta

Invoicing for freelancers with beautiful and customizable templates.

  1. Headset

Discover, collect, and listen to music from YouTube.

  1. Nuclear

Music player that streams from free sources.

  1. FreeMAN

File manager for power users.

  1. Mark Text

Real-time preview Markdown editor.

  1. Pomotroid

Pomodoro timer.

  1. Pretzel

Show and search keyboard shortcuts for the current app.

  1. Netron

Visualizer for deep learning and machine learning models.

  1. Ao

Unofficial Microsoft To-Do app.

  1. Etcher

Flash OS images to SD cards and USB drives.

  1. Noty

Auto-saving sticky note with support for multiple notes in a single window.

  1. Notable

Markdown-based note-taking.

  1. Mini Diary

Simple and secure journal app.

  1. Unsplash Wallpapers

Set desktop wallpaper from Unsplash.

  1. Motrix

Download manager.

  1. Franz

Skype, Slack, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Grape, Telegram, FB Messenger, Hipchat in the same app.

  1. Gmail Desktop

Unofficial Gmail app.

  1. Upcount


  1. ExifCleaner

Clean image metadata with drag and drop.

  1. massCode

Code snippet manager for developers.

  1. Swifty

Password manager.

  1. MQTTX

Client for MQTT, which is a lightweight messaging protocol.

  1. LightProxy

Web debugging proxy.

  1. Beekeeper Studio

Cross-platform SQL editor and database manager.

  1. Mouseless

Keyboard shortcut training and look-up.

  1. Glyphfinder

Unicode character search.

  1. Graviton Editor

Cross-platform code editor.

  1. Yana

Notebook app with rich-text notes, nested note organization and global search.

  1. SpaceEye

Live satellite imagery for your desktop background.

  1. Heroic Games Launcher

Alternative Epic games launcher.

  1. VIR

Intelligent time manager with automatic planning.

  1. Browserosaurus

Browser prompter for macOS.

  1. linked

Daily journal.

Closed Source

  1. GitKraken

Git client.

  1. 1Clipboard

Universal clipboard manager.

  1. Postman

Create and send HTTP requests.

  1. Slack

Desktop version.

  1. Avocode

Share design and collaborate.

  1. Prepros

Compile almost any preprocessing language with live browser refresh.

  1. Stremio

Media center.

  1. Typetalk

Share and discuss ideas with your team through instant messaging.

  1. Pingendo

Bootstrap prototyping.

  1. Spreaker Studio

Audio recording and broadcasting.

  1. MockingBot

Prototyping tool for designing apps.

  1. Caret

Markdown editor.

  1. Wantedly Chat

Business team chat. *(Japanese

  1. Remember

Business card management. *(Korean

  1. MongoDB Compass

Official MongoDB app.

  1. Freeter

Organizer for freelancers & creatives.

  1. WhatsApp

Official WhatsApp app.

  1. CatLight

Build status notifier.

  1. Automint

CRM for automobile businesses.

  1. Discord

Voice and text chat.

  1. Cocos Creator

Game editor for creating web and native games for Cocos2D-x.

  1. Inkdrop

Markdown notebook for hackers.

  1. Exodus

Secure, manage, and exchange blockchain assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  1. Hackolade

Data modeling for NoSQL and multi-model databases.

  1. ScreenSquid

Record and playback website visitor sessions.

  1. CashNotify

Monitor your Stripe accounts from your menu bar.

  1. Mockoon

Mock servers in seconds.

  1. Twitch

Official Twitch app.

  1. Fenêtre

Picture-in-picture for your Mac.

  1. Cleavr

Provision servers and deploy web apps.

  1. Brandy

A brand asset manager for your menu bar.

  1. Cacher

Cloud-based, team-enabled code snippet manager with Gist sync.

  1. MusicPlus

Free music app for macOS and Windows.

  1. Mingo

MongoDB GUI.

  1. Moon Modeler

Schema design tool for MongoDB, Mongoose, and MariaDB.

  1. Notion

All-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

  1. FATpick

Guitar tablature viewer that scores your performance as you play along.

  1. Taskade

Realtime organization and collaboration tool for distributed teams with tasks, notes, and chat.

  1. Coloban

All-in-one project management tool with chats, Kanban, Gantt, calls, screenshare, and more.

  1. Dynobase


  1. Nota

Pro writing app designed for local Markdown files.

  1. Lotus

Keep up with GitHub notifications without stress.


  1. Electron API usage

Sample apps illustrating usage of Electron APIs.

  1. Screen Recorder

WebRTC screen recorder.

  1. Activity Monitor

Shows a doughnut chart of the CPU system, user, and idle activity time.

  1. Hash

Shows the hash values of entered text using different algorithms.

  1. Prices

Shows the current price of oil, gold, and silver using the Yahoo Finance API.

  1. Touch Bar API

Example of macOS Touch Bar integration.


  1. electron-boilerplate

Boilerplate to kickstart creating an appby [sindresorhus](http://github.com/sindresorhus

  1. generator-electron

Scaffold out an app boilerplate.

  1. electron-boilerplate

Comprehensive boilerplate which even generates installersby [szwacz](https://github.com/szwacz

  1. electron-react-boilerplate

Boilerplate based on React and webpack.

  1. electron-quick-start

Clone the repo to try a simple app.

  1. bozon

Scaffold, run, test, and package your app.

  1. secure-electron-template

Security-focused boilerplate for creating apps with React, Redux, Webpack, and i18next.

  1. angular-electron

Fast bootstrapping with Angular, Electron, TypeScript, SASS, and Hot Reload.

  1. vite-electron-builder

Secure boilerplate for Electron app based on Vite. TypeScript + Vue/React/Angular/Svelte/Vanilla.


For Electron

  1. electron-builder

Create installers.

  1. devtron

Official DevTools extension.

  1. electron-packager

Package and distribute your app.

  1. electron-debug

Adds useful debug features.

  1. electron-is-dev

Check if Electron is running in development.

  1. electron-localshortcut

Add keyboard shortcuts locally to a window.

  1. electron-gh-release

Auto-update by releasing on GitHub.

  1. electron-release

Publish a new release of your app to GitHub.

  1. electron-updater

Auto-updater leveraging npm to deploy updates.

  1. fix-path

Fix the $PATH on macOS when run from a GUI app. Useful when spawning a child process.

  1. auto-launch

Launch apps at system startup.

  1. nuts

Releases server with auto-updater and GitHub as a backend.

  1. electron-dl

Simplified file downloads.

  1. electron-release-server

Self-hosted release server with front-end & auto-updater support.

  1. electron-rebuild

Rebuild native Node.js modules against the currently installed Electron version.

  1. electron-compile

Use ES2015, CoffeeScript, Less, Stylus in your app without a precompilation step.

  1. electron-positioner

Position windows at common spots.

  1. electron-window-state

Persist window sizes and positions.

  1. electron-drag

Improved window dragging.

  1. debug-menu

Chrome-like "inspect element" context-menu.

  1. electron-installer-debian

Create a Debian package.

  1. electron-installer-redhat

Create a Red Hat package.

  1. electron-installer-windows

Create a Windows package.

  1. electron-sudo

Subprocesses with administrative privileges.

  1. electron-json-storage

Write and read user settings.

  1. electron-download

Download the Electron release zip from GitHub.

  1. ipc-stream

Duplex stream over IPC.

  1. is-electron-renderer

Check if your code is running in main or renderer.

  1. electron-osx-sign

Code-signing for macOS apps.

  1. electron-detach

Restart an Electron app as a detached process.

  1. ember-electron

Build, test, and package Ember apps.

  1. electrify

Package Meteor apps.

  1. spectron

Test Electron apps using ChromeDriver.

  1. babel-preset-electron

Babel preset that only compiles what’s necessary for a particular Electron version.

  1. electron-is

Utility functions.

  1. electron-osx-appearance

Simplified API for accessing macOS’s appearance settings.

  1. electron-store

Save and load data like user preferences, app state, cache, etc.

  1. electron-context-menu

Extensible context menu.

  1. electron-require

Simplified require.

  1. NeDB

Embedded persistent or in-memory database.

  1. RxDB

A realtime NoSQL database.

  1. electron-devtools-installer

Install DevTools extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

  1. electron-log

Simple logging.

  1. electron-redux

Synchronize Redux state across windows.

  1. electron-vibrancy

Add vibrancy (blur

  1. electron-about-window

‘About This App’ window.

  1. elemon

Live-reload your app during development.

  1. electron-is-accelerator

Check if a string is a valid accelerator.

  1. electron-pdf-window

View PDF files in browser windows.

  1. electron-router

Router tidying up IPC message passing.

  1. electron-settings

Reads and writes user settings to disk.

  1. got

Simplified HTTP requests.

  1. electron-unhandled

Catch unhandled errors and promise rejections.

  1. electron-process-manager

Process manager UI (like Chrome’s task manager

  1. electron-util

Useful utilities for developing apps and modules.

  1. electron-reloader

Simple auto-reloading during development.

  1. electron-serve

Static file serving (Useful for routing, like react-router

  1. electron-timber

Pretty logger.

  1. chromium-net-errors

Chromium’s network errors as custom error classes.

  1. run-electron

Run Electron without all the junk terminal output.

  1. ngx-electron

Integrate Electron APIs and Angular.

  1. debugtron

Debug in-production Electron-based apps.

  1. electron-ssl-pinning

Prevent MITM.

  1. electron-better-ipc

Simplified IPC communication.

  1. electron-chrome-extension

Add support for Chrome extensions.

  1. electron-ipc-proxy

Transparent asynchronous remoting between browser windows and the main process.

  1. trilogy

TypeScript SQLite database layer with support for both native C++ and pure JavaScript backends.

  1. adblocker-electron

Block ads and trackers.

  1. electronmon

Monitor and reload apps out-of-process during development.

  1. electron-create-menu

Default menus for all platforms, easily extendable, and with i18n support.

  1. electronegativity

Identify misconfigurations and security anti-patterns.

  1. UpdateRocks!

Auto-update service. Free for open source projects.

Using Electron

  1. devtool

Debug Node.js with Chrome DevTools.

  1. nativefier

Create an app of any website.

  1. electron-stream

Streaming wrapper.

  1. Nightmare

High-level browser automation library (alternative to PhantomJS

  1. electron-pdf

Generate PDF from URL, HTML, or Markdown files on the command-line.

  1. Geojsonapp

Preview GeoJSON locally.

  1. electron-mocha

Run Mocha tests in Electron.

  1. electron-har

Command-line tool for generating HTTP Archive (HAR

  1. electron-windows-store

Turn Electron apps into Windows Store AppX packages.

  1. Reactotron

Inspect your React and React Native apps.

  1. jest-electron

Run and debug Jest unit tests in a browser environment.


  1. Photon

UI toolkit for building beautiful apps.

  1. React PhotonKit

Photon components built with React.

  1. menubar

Menubar app framework.

  1. cookies

Adds support for document.cookie.

  1. window

Create and manage windows.

  1. React Desktop

UI toolkit for macOS and Windows built with React.

  1. electron-input-menu

Context menu for input elements.

  1. chrome-tabs

Chrome like tabs.

  1. titlebar

Emulate the macOS window titlebar.

  1. Brightwheel

Build and manage UI components with Photon and Etch.

  1. Xel

Widget toolkit for building native-like apps.