A look at the most awesome Flutter Libraries and plugins from those for UI construction to maps, charts, navigation, authentication, analytics etc.
The packages are organized based in categories.



  1. StaggeredGridView

GridView with tiles of variable sizes by Romain Rastel.

  1. Radial Menu

Animated Radial Menu by Victor Choueiri.

  1. Tinder Cards

Tinder like cards swipe effect by Ivascu Adrian.

  1. Flip Panel

Flip panel with built

  1. Facebook Reactions


  1. Flushbar

Highly configurable Snackbar by Andre Haueisen.

  1. Stepper Touch

Lateral value stepper nicely animated by Raouf Rahiche.

  1. Typeahead

Display overlay suggestions to users as they type by Abdul Rahman Al Hamali.

  1. Snaplist

Create snappable list views by David Leibovych.

  1. Pin Code

Animated & customisable Pin code for login and OTP by Liew Jun Tung.

  1. Folding Cell

dev/folding_cell) 430

  1. Liquid Pull To Refresh


  1. Slide Container Slide vertically and horizontally with a smooth dampened motion by Quentin Le Guennec.
  2. Direct Select


  1. Before After

Beautiful slider which makes it easier to display the difference between two images, by Sahil Kumar.

  1. Scratcher

Scratch card widget which temporarily hides content from user, by Kamil Rykowski.

  1. Image Sequence Animator


  1. Beautiful_Popup

Beautify your app popup by jaweii.

  1. Credit Card Form


  1. Animated Selection Slide An animated selection widget by swiping by Sezgin Bilgetay.
  2. Flutter Tags

a/flutter_tags) 332

  1. Flutter Neumorphic

Neumorphic) 1329

  1. Dough

Widgets for a squishy user interface by Josiah Saunders.

  1. Card Settings

package for building settings forms by codegrue.

  1. Timelines

park/timelines) 413

  1. Timeline Tile

A tile to help build beautiful and customisable timelines by Julio Bitencourt.

  1. Rounded Loading Button

Button with a loading indicator, complete with success and error animations by Chris Edgington.

  1. PlutoGrid

Web and desktop datagrid that can be controlled by the keyboard by bosskmk.

Sticky Headers

  1. Sticky Infinite List

Highly configurable multi directional infinite list with Sticky Headers by TatsuUkraine.

  1. Sticky Header

Sliver based sticky headers by Romain Rastel.

  1. Sticky Headers

Configurable sticky headers by Simon Lightfoot.


  1. Hidden Drawer Menu

Beautiful drawer mode menu feature with perspective animations by Rafael Almeida Barbosa.

  1. Flutter Inner Drawer

a/flutter_inner_drawer) 385

Bottom bars

  1. Fancy Bottom Navigation

Animated bottom navigation by Tony Owen.

  1. Circular Bottom Navigation

Beautiful animated bottom navigation bar by Iman Khoshabi.

  1. Bottom Navy Bar

Beautiful and colorful animated bottom navigation bar by Pedro Massango.

  1. Titled Navigation Bar

Animated bottom navigation bar that switch between icon and title by Pedro Massango.

  1. Google Nav Bar

A modern google style nav bar for flutter by Sooxt98.

Bottom Sheets

  1. Rubber Bottom Sheet

Elastic material bottom sheet by Mattia Crovero.

  1. Modal Bottom Sheet

Modal bottom sheet with Material, Cupertino iOS13 or custom appareance by Jaime Blasco.


  1. RangeSlider


  1. Fluid Slider

A slider with a minimal design and fluid like animation by Vamsi Krishna.

  1. Flutter Xlider

Azmoud/flutter_xlider) 336

UI Helpers

  1. Reorderables

Drag&Drop Table, Row, Column, Wrap(Grid) and SliverList elements by Hansheng Chiu.

  1. Liquid Pull To Refresh


  1. Infinite Listview

Infinite scroll in both directions by Simon Lightfoot.

  1. Offline

Tidy utility to handle offline/online connectivity by Jeremiah Ogbomo.

  1. Scroll To Index


  1. In View Notifier List

ListView that notify when widgets are on screen within a provided area by Vamsi Krishna.

  1. ShowCaseView

Way to showcase your app features on iOS and Android by Simform.

Material Design

  1. Unicorn Speed Dial

Floating Action Button with Speed Dial by Tiago Martins.

  1. Slidable

Slidable list item with left and right slide actions by Romain Rastel.

Cupertino Design

  1. Peek & Pop



  1. Frosted Glass


  1. Parallax

transformer) 735

  1. Shimmer

Shimmer effect while content is loading by HungHD.

  1. Wave

protoss/wave) 742

  1. Liquid Swipe

Liquid swipe to your stacked containers by Sahdeep Singh.

  1. PhotoFilters

Apply filters to an image by Sharafudheen KK.

  1. Shine

Pretty shadows with dynamic light positions by Jonathan Monga.

  1. Clay Containers

Neumorphic widget primitives to serve as the foundation of your own designs by Michael Charles.


  1. Calendar Widget

Calendar widget by David Bennett.

  1. Calendar Carousel Widget

Calendar carousel by dooboolab

  1. Table Calendar

Calendar organized neatly into a Table, with vertical autosizing by Aleksander Woźniak.

  1. Time Planner

A beautiful, easy to use and customizable time planner for flutter mobile, desktop and web by Mohammad Jamalianpour.


  1. Login Animation


  1. Flutter Login

Login widget with slick animation from start to finish by NearHuscarl.


  1. Dynamic Widget

Build your dynamic UI with json, and the json format is very similar with flutter widget code by Denny Deng.


  1. Carousel Slider

Carousel slider widget, support infinite scroll and custom child widget by serenader.

  1. Parallax Image

image) 238

  1. Photo View

Scalable image view with loading placeholder by Renan C. Araújo.

  1. SVG

SVG parsing, rendering, and widget library by Dan Field.

  1. Image Cropper

Crop your images support ratio, rotation, zoom by HungHD.

  1. Cached Network Image

Show images from the internet and keep them in the cache directory by.

  1. Lottie

flutter) 665

  1. Bitmap

Perform Bitmap manipulations (such as contrast and exposure) with a help from the Dart FFI by Renan C. Araújo.

  1. Crop

Crop any widget/image in Android, iOS, Web and Desktop by Mahdi K. Fard.

Image Picker

  1. Image Picker

Images Selection by Collin Jackson.

  1. WeChat Assets Picker

Assets picker in WeChat style, support multi assets by Alex Li.


  1. Google Map View

Displaying google map plugin by [AppTree Software](https://www.linkedin.com/company/apptree

  1. GeoCoder

Forward and reverse geocoding by Aloïs Deniel.

  1. Mapbox GL


  1. AMap

project/amap_map_fluttify) 504


  1. Circular Chart

Animated radial and pie charts by Victor Choueiri.

  1. Sparkline

Sparkline by Victor Choueiri.

  1. Charts

By Google Charts Team.

  1. Candlesticks

candlesticks) 358

  1. FCharts

Beautiful, responsive, animated charts by Keenan Thompson.

  1. FL Chart

Draw fantastic charts in Flutter by Iman Khoshabi.

  1. Bezier Chart

chart) 401

  1. Echarts

Large collection of advanced reactives charts by LIN Chen.

  1. Graphic

Data visualization library based on the Grammar of Graphics by LIN Chen.


  1. Fluro

The brightest, hippest, coolest router for Flutter with Navigation, wildcard, query, transitions by Posse.

  1. PageView Indicator

Build page indicators for the PageView by Leo Cavalcante.

  1. Deep Link Navigation


  1. Get

Navigate between screens & display snackbars/dialogs/bottomSheets without context by Jonny Borges.

  1. Beamer

Route through guarded page stacks and URLs using the Navigator 2.0 API effortlessly by Sandro Lovnički.


  1. Local Auth

Touch ID, lock code, fingerprint auth on iOS and Android.

  1. Login

FaceID, TouchID, and Fingerprint Reader by Rody Davis.

  1. [Google Sign)


  1. Firebase Auth

Firebase OAuth.

  1. Facebook Login

Authenticate with native Android & iOS Facebook login SDKs by Iiro Krankka.

  1. [Apple Sign)

In](https://github.com/tomgilder/flutter_apple_sign_in) 157

  1. OAuth

Buffer, Strava, Unsplash, Github OAuth by Joe Birch.

  1. Firebase Phone Auth


  1. SimpleAuth

Azure Active Directory, Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, Github, Google, Instagram, Linked In, Microsoft Live Connect, Github, OAuth, Basic Auth by James Clancey.

  1. Flutter AppAuth

Plugin that provides a wrapper around the AppAuth iOS and Android SDKs by Michael Bui.

Text & Rich Content

  1. Markdown

Markdown renderer for Flutter. It supports the original format, but no inline html.

  1. Masked Text


  1. Zefyr

Soft & gentle rich text editor by Memspace.

  1. AutoSizeText

Automatically resizes text to fit perfectly within its bounds by Simon Leier.

  1. Parsed Text

Interactive text based on content recognition, also supports Regex by Fayeed Pawaskar.

  1. TeX

xad/flutter_tex) 186

  1. Code Field

Customizable code field widget supporting syntax highlighting by Bertrand Bevillard.


  1. Form Builder

Framework that simplifies building forms, validating fields, reacting to changes, and collecting the final user input by Danvick Miller.

  1. Reactive Forms



  1. Usage

lang/usage) 123

  1. Firebase Analytics

Connect to Firebase Analytics API.

  1. Pure Mixpanel

Analytics for the popular Mixpanel.com Nick Manning.


  1. GenLang

Code generator for Internationalization by King Wu.

  1. Flutter Translate

Internationalization (i18n) library by Florin Bratan.

  1. attranslate



  1. Flutterial

Flutter Material Theme explorer by Erick Ghaumez.

  1. Pigment

Simple but useful package for use colors in flutter.



  1. Flutter Audio Recorder


  1. Audio Recorder

Record audio and store it locally by Jordan Alcaraz.

  1. Flutter Sound

Flutter audio recorder and player at one hand by dooboolab.

  1. AssetsAudioPlayer 567 Simultaneous playback of audio from assets/network/file and displaying notifications android / ios / web / macos
  2. Audio Service

System background audio support by Ryan Heise. [Tutorial](https://suragch.medium.com/background


  1. WebRTC

webrtc) 2747

  1. Chewie

Provides low

  1. Video Trimmer

Visualise and trim videos by Souvik Biswas.

  1. CamerAwesome

io/camera_awesome) 295


  1. Speech Recognition

Speech to text by Erick Ghaumez.

  1. OK Google



  1. Firebase Storage

Firebase as data storage.

  1. Secure Storage

Keychain and Keystore storage by German Saprykin.


  1. Streaming Shared Preferences

Reactive key


  1. Admob

GoogleAdmob supports interstitial ads in both iOS and Android by Brett Nesbitt.

  1. Firebase AdMob

Ad integration using Firebase.

  1. Inapp Purchase

Features set of ‘in app purchase’ derived from [react

  1. Admob Flutter

Admob plugin that shows banner ads using native platform views by Youssef Kababe & Kevin McGill.

  1. Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network Ad plugin that shows banner, interstitial, in

  1. [Square In)

App Payments SDK](https://github.com/square/in


  1. Movie Details


  1. Mates

How to load profiles from the randomuser.me API and a nice profile details page by Iiro Krankka.

  1. Weather

Weather app to learn how to use Canvas and Animation by Alessandro Aime.

  1. TodoMVC

TODO application ready to go with different flavors : Vanilla, Redux, built_redux by Brian Egan.

  1. Restaurant Menu

Restaurant menu by Braulio Cassule.

  1. UI Challenges

Profile, Travel, Food App by Tomi Alagbe.

  1. Cupertino Settings

iOS Settings by Matthias Rupp.

  1. Music Player

music player component by Tobe O.

  1. Dashboard

Dashboard and Shop Items by Ivascu Adrian.

  1. Todo

Todo template from Dribble by [Marc L](https://www.marc

  1. Card Swipe Animation

Swipe cards template by Ruchika Gupta.

  1. UI Kit


  1. Book


  1. The Gorgeous Login

Design and smooth login template by Hugo Extrat.

  1. Liquid Pay Payment App

Liquid Pay App Concept by Long Hoang.

  1. DrawApp

Sample Drawing App to demonstrate how to allow user to draw onto canvas with color picker and brush thickness slider by Jake Gough.

  1. Starter Kit

App Store implementation to learn Bloc, RxDart, Sqflite, Fluro and Dio. by King Wu.

  1. Feather

Beautiful weather application. Application includes RxDart, Dio, BLoC, i18n, unit and widget tests. by Jakub Homlala.

  1. Clone UI Challenges

challenges) 1280

  1. FlutterFoodybite

Beautiful food app UI template by JideGuru.

  1. Flutter Samples

samples) 2464

  1. ActingWeb First_App

Starter app with basic elements for a team

  1. Smart Washing Machine

Smart washing machine UI challenge app with Box2D physic engine by Tomasz Pawlikowski.

  1. Beautiful Timelines

A set of beautiful timelines by Julio Bitencourt.


  1. GitTouch

touch) 979

Machine Learning

  1. MLKit

Firebase Machine Learning Kit by Naoya Yoshizawa.

  1. m2cgen

CLI tool to convert ML models into native Dart code by BayesWitnesses.


  1. ML Vision Camera Stream

ML vision recognitions (QRcode, face, …) with live camera stream by Aumard Jimmy and Santetis.

  1. Google Mobile Vision

Google Mobile Vision by Eduardo Folly.

Augmented Reality

  1. ARKit Plugin

Wrapper for ARKit

  1. ARCore Plugin

Augmented reality with ARCore platform by Gian Marco Di Francesco.


  1. Pub packages

Packages filter in Dart Pub Repository.

  1. Plugins

Official Flutter Team Plugins.


  1. WebView

flitter/flutter_webview_plugin) 1376

  1. Location

Handle location, handling callbacks to get continuous location by Lyokone.

  1. Battery

Access various information about the battery.

  1. Proximity Sensor Plugin

A plugin to access the proximity sensor of your device by Manoj NB.

  1. Geolocation

v/geolocation) 214

  1. Local Notifications

Plugin for displaying local notifications by Michael Bui.

  1. Device Calendar

Plugin for modifying calendars on the user’s device by Built to Roam.

  1. Badger

Update app badge on the launcher by Edouard Marquez.

  1. UDID

Persistent UDID across app reinstalls by Leon Kukuk.

  1. Downloader

Create and manage download tasks by HungHD.

  1. InAppWebView

Add inline WebView widgets or open an in

  1. AppAvailability

List, launch and check installed apps by Lorenzo Pichilli.

  1. File Picker

Native file explorer to load absolute file path by Miguel Ruivo.

  1. VPN


  1. Geolocator


  1. Permission Handler


  1. WidgetKit



  1. QR Code Reader

QR Code reader plugin by Matheus Villela.

  1. Fast QR Reader View

Live multicode reader by Facundo Medica.

Bluetooth / NFC / Beacon

  1. Blue

Bluetooth by Paul DeMarco.

  1. Beacons

v/beacons) 75

  1. NFC Reader


  1. Beacon broadcast

Library for turning your phone into a beacon by Paulina Szklarska.

  1. Reactive Ble

Handles BLE operations for multiple devices by Philips Hue.

  1. NFC Manager



  1. Sqflite

SQLite flutter plugin by Alexandre Roux.

  1. Moor

Moor is an easy to use, reactive, typesafe persistence library for Dart & Flutter by . Simon Binder


  1. Dialogflow

Plugin to easily integrate with dialogflow by Victor Rances.

  1. Intercom

Add Intercom integration to your app by Maido Kaara.

  1. OneSignal


  1. Place Dialog

Places picker dialog returning the places to the app by David Bennett.

  1. App Rating

Requesting and Writing Reviews for the App Store and Google Play by Rody Davis.


State management


  1. Bloc

Collection of packages that help implement the BLoC design pattern by Felix Angelov.

  1. MobX

Supercharge the state

  1. Provider


  1. RiverPod

Provider, but different by Remi Rousselet.

  1. GetX

Contextless, State

  1. Binder

A lightweight, yet powerful way to bind your application state with your business logic, by Romain Rastel.

Redux / ELM / Dependency Injection

  1. Built redux

Automatic subscribing to your redux stores. Based on the built pattern by David Marne.

  1. Redux.dart

Port of Redux to Dart with an ecosystem of middleware, Flutter integrations, and time traveling dev tools by John Ryan and Brian Egan.

  1. Redux

Built to work with redux.dart, utilities that allow you to easily consume a Redux Store to build Widgets.

  1. Inject


  1. Flux

Implementation of the Flux framework by Google.

  1. Fish

redux) 7214

  1. Async Redux

Redux without boilerplate. Allows for both sync and async reducers by Marcelo Glasberg.


  1. Hooks

Advanced code sharing between widgets by Remi Rousselet.

  1. Functional widget

Code generator writing widgets as functions with annotations by Remi Rousselet.


  1. Graphql


  1. GeoFlutterFire

Implementation of GeoFirestore for flutter by Darshan Gowda.

  1. Ferry

dart/ferry) 334


  1. Dynamic Widget

Build your dynamic UI with json, and the json format is very similar with flutter widget code by Denny Deng.

  1. NETCoreSync

Centralized database synchronization framework for multiple clients, built on top of Moor library by Aldy J.

  1. Parse for Flutter



  1. Sequence Animation

Composite staggered animations by Norbert Kozsir.

  1. SpinKit

Animated loading indicators by Jeremiah Ogbomo.

  1. Villains

Page transition animations by Norbert Kozsir.

  1. AnimatedTextKit


  1. Drawing Animation

Create drawing line animations based on SVG path data by Carl Hauck.

  1. Simple Animations

Create awesome custom animations easily by Felix Blaschke.

  1. [Flutter)


  1. Staggered Animations

Easily add staggered animations to your ListView, GridView, Column and Row by mobiten.

  1. Animate Do

Animation package inspired in Animate.css by Fernando Herrera.

  1. Funvas

Create fun time based canvas animations by creativecreatorormaybenot.


  1. Flutter Gherkin

Fully featured Gherkin parser and UI automated test runner by Jon Samwell.


  1. Responsive Framework

Automatically adapt UI to different screen sizes. Responsiveness made simple by Codelessly.


This section contains libraries that take an experimental or unorthodox approach.

  1. styled_widget

Simplifying your widget tree structure by defining widgets using methods by Rein Gundersen Bentdal.



  1. Graphx

Making drawings and animations extremely simple, inspired by Flash, by Roi Peker.


  1. Flame

engine/flame) 5173

  1. SpriteWidget

Toolkit for building complex, high performance animations and 2D games by Viktor Lidholt.

Open source games

  1. Flip

Reversi game by Andrew Brogdon.

  1. 2048

2048 game by Anuran Barman.

  1. TRex

flame) 316

  1. Crush

How to build a Math

  1. Slide Puzzle

Classic slide (15) puzzle by Kevin Moore.

  1. Tetris

tetris) 1280

  1. Party Charades

Party charades by Kamil Rykowski.

  1. Ghost Rigger


  1. Space Empires

A 4X Space themed strategy game by Satyam Sharma.

Game Engine resources

  1. Awesome Flame


Open Source Apps


  1. History Of Everything

inc/HistoryOfEverything) 5887

  1. Developer Quest

inc/developer_quest) 2917

  1. AppFlowy

IO/appflowy) 12156


  1. Flutter Team Samples

Collection of examples (including maps, json, Material and Cupertino) by the Flutter team.

  1. Flutter Common Widgets


  1. Meme Chat

Chat app on Flutter, using Firebase, Google Sign In, and device camera integration by a team of Googlers.

  1. Flitter

flitter/flitter) 183

  1. Lime

flutter) 356

  1. Planets

Planet exploration that demonstrate rich UI by Sergi Martínez.

  1. NewsBuzz

Firebase backed news reader using News API by Ankur Kedia.

  1. [DroidKaigi2018)


  1. Music Player


  1. WhatTodo

Todoist like UI by Burhanuddin Rashid.

  1. FlutterGram

Complete Instagram based on Firestore & Google Functions by MDanics.

  1. BookSearch

Digital BookShelf for your reading progress by Norbert515.

  1. Cinematic

UI for Movie DB Public API by Aaron Oertel.

  1. [Beer)


  1. Trace

Modern and powerful crypto portfolio & market explorer by Trent Piercy.

  1. Taskist

Taskist is a ToDo List app for Task Management by Hugo EXTRAT.

  1. Tourism

demo) 251

  1. Trinity Orientation @ Univ Toronto


  1. Transform Widget


  1. Deer

Minimalist Todo Planner built using BLoC pattern by Aleksander Woźniak.

  1. TailorMade

Managing a Fashion designer’s daily routine using a mixture of ReBLoC w/ Firebase Cloud Store & Functions by Jeremiah Ogbomo.

  1. Instory

Instgram story downloader with a beautiful UI Sarath.

  1. [Spacex)


  1. Superhero Interaction

Cool Superhero interaction animation by Pinkesh Darji.

  1. Reply

‘Reply’ Material Design case study by Frederik Schweiger.

  1. Enigma

Privacy chat with end

  1. Chillify

Fancy music app made with Provider and Bloc pattern by Karim Elghamry.

  1. Pokedex

Pokedex app with beautiful UI and smooth animation by Hung Pham.

  1. Timy Messenger

messenger) 1742

  1. GitJournal

Journaling your data in a Git Repo by Vishesh Handa.

  1. AuthPass

Keepass compatible password manager for mobile and desktop by hpoul.

  1. Fwitter

Full Twitter clone using Firebase solution by Sonu Sharma.

  1. Harpy

Feature rich Twitter client by Roberto Doering.


  1. Launcher Icons

Generate your launcher icons easily by Mark O’Sullivan and Franz Silva.

  1. FlutterIcon

Icon set generator by Mike Hoolehan.

  1. FVM

Flutter Version Management: A simple cli to manage Flutter SDK versions.

  1. Environment Configuration

CLI tool to generate .env configurations for application environments by TatsuUkraine.

  1. Flutter Flavorizr

CLI utility to easily generate flavors for Android and iOS in less than 3 minutes by Angelo Cassano.

  1. Fontify

CLI tool to convert SVG icons to OTF font and generate Flutter

  1. FlutterGen

Assets code generator for your images, fonts, colors, etc — Get rid of String

  1. Very Good Cli

Very Good Command Line Interface for Dart created by Very Good Ventures.

  1. Flutter Sidekick

Simple app to make Flutter development more delightful by Leo Farias.

  1. Dart Code Metrics



  1. Awesome Snippets


  1. Flutter Files


  1. Flutter Intl


IntelliJ / Android Studio

  1. Enhancement_Suite

h/flutter_enhancement_suite) 196

  1. Flutter Intl



  1. Desktop Embedding


  1. Golang Desktop Embedder


  1. Native Shell

Experimental embedder for Flutter by Matej Knopp.

  1. Rust Desktop Embedder

rs) 1871

  1. bitsdojo_window

Customize windows owner

  1. Raspberry Pi Embedder

pi) 747

  1. Fluent UI

Microsoft’s Fluent Design System in Flutter by Bruno D’Luka.

  1. MacOS UI

Widgets and themes implementing the current macOS design language by Groovin Chip.

  1. Ubuntu Yaru

Distinct look and feel of the Ubuntu Desktop by Ubuntu.